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A Scent of Mint

A Scent of Mint

Name: A Scent of Mint

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This documentary recounts filmmaker Pierre Sidaoui’s immigration journey from the small Lebanese town of Abey to Montreal, the city he now calls home. Sidaoui had a carefree childhood, but civil war forced him and his family to flee Lebanon in , the first in a series of. 20 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by IAmTheAvantGarde The Residents - Scent Of Mint. The Residents - Scent Of Mint. IAmTheAvantGarde. Loading. Yes, of course. Mint plants are the origin of the mint taste and smell. Candies and gum are flavoured/scented to mimic the plant. Spearmint and peppermint are two of the standard varieties for cooking, but there are other varieties bred to have fruity and spicy smells/flavours.

It's hard to describe the taste and smell of mint without using the word itself. Fresh, cool, bracing, aromatic, distinct, strong-scented Peppermint and spearmint (or garden mint) are the best known and most grown. A third group or category are wild mints. Is it just us, or is mint a highly underrated fragrance note? Especially on a warm day, the herbal element gives off a refreshing, clean aroma. Did you know that there are numerous medicinal uses of peppermint? We know it can make your breath smell good, but the benefits of.

FL/FR, cornmint oil china. odor: Cooling, minty, sweet fresh mentholic, peppermint like. flavor: Minty cooling, sweet, mentholic-like with a peppermint nuance. Herbs in the mint family are strongly aromatic, and the scent has long been revered by herbalists. One of the first known uses of mint was as an air deodorizer. If you're looking for a mint essential oil, look for pennyroyal, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen, among others. I suspect I'm not alone in this love: mint is the scent of an English summer. There may be an embittered, prematurely balding, recently divorced. Mint Mentha spicata, piperita, aquatica (Labiatae) 2 Odor profile: refreshing and cooling green note with peppery aspects, the quintessential scent of chewing .


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